guidance 入園案内



All prices displayed include tax, and are current as of April 1, 2014.

Entrance fees

Senior high school student or older 3 years old to junior high school student
2,700 yen 1,400 yen

*If you are aged 65 years or older please present us with your drivers license or other proof of age. You are eligible for a seniors discount (1,900 yen, cannot be used with any other discount.)

*The holder (only) of a Japanese physical disability certificate is eligible to receive a general admission ticket at half price (senior high school student of older: 1,350 yen, 3 years old to junior high school student: 700 yen). Please show your certificate at the counter.

Parking fees

500 yen (per passenger car or motorcycle)
*Visitors coming by car or motorcycle must pay the parking fees.
*Tourist buses do not have to pay a parking fee.

Guide radio fee (necessary for each car)

Passenger cars
500 yen
Tourist buses and mini-buses
1,300 yen

*A separate fee for a guide radio per vehicle must be paid when entering the animal zone in your own car, a tourist bus, or a rental car.
*One radio will be checked out per car.
*A GPS guide system will provide information like explanations of the animals, and instructions on how to evacuate in an emergency situation.
*Choose from 2 Japanese versions or an English version.

Optional fees

1,300 yen

Click here for details of the Feed-the-Animals Experience Bus.
*There is an additional bus fee on top of the entrance fee for use of this service.

Safari Bu
500 yen

Click here for details of the Safari Bus.
*There is an additional bus fee on top of the entrance fee for use of this service.

Ranger Tour
1,300 yen

Click here for details of the Ranger Tour.
*There will be an additional fee on top of the entrance fee for use of this service.


Group fees

General group

*When visiting the park as a group, you may enter in your tourist bus as you are. We ask for your understanding in advance that in this situation, we do not allow passengers to change to an on-site tour bus.

  Adults (Senior high school student or older) Children (3 years old to junior high school student)
15 people or more 1,900 yen 1,000 yen
50 people or more 1,800 yen 950 yen
100 people or more 1,700 yen 900 yen

*Tourist buses must pay a guide radio fee (1,300 yen per tourist bus) in addition to the entrance fee.

School group fees

Other school
Secondary high school students Junior high school students Elementary school students
Kindergarten students
Pre-primary school students
Accompanying parents
1,700 yen 1,500 yen 900 yen 800 yen 600 yen 800 yen

*Only available on weekdays.
*Prior booking necessary.
*One group leader (teacher or staff member) per 20 students may enter for free.
*Kindergarten and pre-primary school students will be charged from 2 years old.

Fees for children’s or parenting groups

Senior high school student or older or accompanying parent Junior high school students 3 years old to elementary school student
1,800 yen 900 yen 800 yen

*Applicable only to children’s groups (limited to groups where at least half of the members are children or students) of 15 people or more, like parenting groups, cram school groups, or boy scouts.
*Prior booking necessary.

Group commemorative photo

We can take commemorative photos if your group would like one. We charge 1,000 yen per sheet for a 2L size photo.
*Prior booking necessary.


We are able to provide meals to groups from 1,080 yen, to suit your budget.
We offer a discount price for entrance and a meal for 15 people or more. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about this.



  大人(高校生以上) 小人(3 歳〜中学生)
1 年間有効 5,400 2,800
3 年間有効 10,800 5,600